Functional and Non- functional Mixes of SpicesFunctional and Non- functional Mixes of Spices

Functional and Non- functional Mixes of Spices

RAPS is a German Company, one of the oldest producers of spices in Europe.

Working for more than 80 years, having state-of-the-art technology, operational experience and specialists of the extensive quality, the Company guarantees an utmost quality.
A constant technological update and prepared recipes of meat products together with annual workshops of technologists in the RAPS this is an important information provided for You to be the leaders in the meat refinery sector.

Having included in its assortment more than 3000 various products, the RAPS is going to produce the "cocktail", corresponding Your taste and add the flavor to Your success.

RAPS is offering for the meat processing companies:

For the restaurants, bars, cafes and caterings:

  • Decorative mixes of spices of different tastes;
  • Special additives;
  • Prepared marinates of different tastes.