Functional and non-functional mixes of spices
Functional and non-functional mixes of spices are made by producer "Raps".


Artificial sausage casings
Artificial guts and casings are the perfect substitute for the natural guts for those who are not eager to use the latter in food processing.

Thermoformed films and vacuum bags
Thermoformed films are used for packaging of Your production together ensuring the long term freshness of the products; the air proof package will extend the shelf-life of the products.


Thermo shrinkable bags for cheese packaging
Thermo shrinkable bags designed for the packaging of cheese with a low warming temperature, including cheeses having high gasification.


Soy protein isolates and concentrates
Isolated and concentrated soy proteins as meat supplements are used to increase nutrition value.


Natural casings
Guts of sheep, pigs and cattle for natural food casing can be dry or wet salted, pale yellow or white.

Flavorings and their mixes

Food additives (anti-oxidants, emulsifiers, sweeteners)

Natural and modified starch
In a case Your Company in its operational process needs water binder, thickener or layer forming material, we can offer different kinds of starch.

Other products
The secret of high quality product lies not only in a variety of additives, herbs and its packaging, but also the tools used are of vital importance as well.