THE SOLAE COMPANY - is a leader among producers of soy bean proteins, providing more than 1000 types of soy proteins designed to be used in food processing.

For many years THE SOLAE COMPANY performs a thorough investigation of the market and provides unique and innovative decisions for the benefit of food refiners.

THE SOLAE COMPANY fulfills the growing needs of consumers developing food ingredients under the safe and natural technology.

The Company organizes the tutorials for the specialists of enterprises substantiating the advantages of the quality of soy products and economic benefit comparing them to the products already existing in the market, provides a consistent technological help while implementing the substitutes of soy proteins into the production of particular food, creates the recipes and provides economic calculations.

Functional soy protein isolates from "SUPRO" group widely applicable help to preserve the uniqueness of Your production.

"ALPHA" - soy protein concentrates of high functionality, designed for the production of sausages, enrich the product not only in proteins but improve its consistence as well.

"RESPONSE" - texturized soy protein concentrates provide the opportunity to create wide assortment of the minced, structural meat and vegetarian products of high quality.

"CENTEX" - texturized soy flour designed for the production of inexpensive and quality meat products.

"SUPRO®MAX" - this is a new, patented line of structural vegetative proteins allowing the extension of the assortment of Your production thus providing You with advantage in the market.