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Firmenich | inspiring

FIRMENICH - is one of the three biggest producers of the flavorings in the world, which distinguishes by its unique technology.

Every year the Company patents 3-4 advanced decisions concerning the usage of the unique material, allowing the Company to expand the pallet of the quality of scents.

FIRMENICH, possessing substantial scientific basis, creates up-to-date flavor production technologies, identifies aromatic raw materials, makes incomparable scents, which correspond future needs of the market and consumers.

Together with perfumes and scents for the cosmetic industry, Firmenich presents extremely wide scale of aroma, designed to be used in food industry:

  • confectionery,
  • drinks and beverages,
  • ice cream,
  • milk,
  • meat,
  • sea food,
  • oil and margarine,
  • sauces, mayonnaise and ketchup.

Aroma of a particular concentration may be produced in a form of a liquid, powder, or they may be incapsulated.

The client may choose the flavors according to their specific purpose (the perception of appropriate taste, authenticity), size of dose, functionality, ability to preserve the stability and last but not least, the price.