Bierhalter NaturdarmeBierhalter Naturdarme

Bierhalter Naturdarme

Casings of sheep, pigs and cattle for natural food casing can be dry or wet salted, pale yellow or white. Natural casings are to be stored in the plastic barrels with screw caps filled in with the bundles made of 100 yards of guts.

In addition, the casings of pigs and sheep may be strung (corrugated) on the plastic base thus making their placing on the stuffer faster.

Plastic barrels are stored in a special cool premise of 19,11 m2 , at 180 C.

On the labels of bundles of natural casings the information is provided namely, the title, calibre, number of bundles, the length of one bundle in yards, date of production, shelf life, titles of the distributor and receiver and their veterinary approval numbers. The information on the labels is usually provided in Lithuanian, English or German languages.