The Russian Company ATLANTIS-PAK is an acknowledged leader in the production of packaging for meat and cheese products. This Company has been included in the top ten of the world's major companies, producing polyamide-made sausage casings. ATLANTIS-PAK produces 12 types of polyamide-made sausage casings for various purposes.

The Company ATLANTIS-PAK is able to offer the following of its best products:

AMIPAK, AMILIUKS, AMICEL - monolayer polyamide-made sausage casings (casing calibre is 19-38), distinguished for their excellent barrier characteristics. These casings are intended for cooked and smokes sausages.

AMIFLEKS - five-layer polyamide-made casing for cooked sausages (casing calibre is 30-170).

AMITEKS - seven-layer polyamide-made casing for cooked sausages (casing calibre is 32- 120). Besides, it is possible to mark this casing with UV-printing.

EKSTRAFLEKS, NATUREKS, AMITEKS RONDO, AMITEKS SONET - multi- layer polyamide-made casings of the distinguishing design and characteristics for cooked sausages.

AMITAN PRO, AMISMOK, FIBROSMOK - polyamide-made casings for semi smoked sausages and cheeses.

Engineers working in the Company adjust the equipment of enterprises for operation with ATLANTIS-PAK casings and the employees of the marketing department prepare the presentations of present and newly developed products, provide counseling on the usage of casings and perform laboratory experiments, if necessary